How to make DIY gratitude jar - Gratitude Mania

Having a gratitude jar is an enjoyable way of practicing gratitude daily. If you put it somewhere visible, it is a great daily reminder to focus on your blessings. I love to have it in the dining area, so it cannot be missed. Besides, it’s fun because everyone visiting our home notice it, and I encourage them to participate. In the following, I am going to share how to make your very own gratitude jar. Making it is simple, you don’t need much money, and the making process is quite fast.

  1. Getting a jar

When you decide a gratitude jar will be your next DIY project, you can look for a jar that would be the most appropriate for this project. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a jar that big at home, so I had to purchase it. Even if you don’t have anything appropriate at home, don’t worry too much. The prices of glass jars are not high. I paid less than 3€ for mine.

making a gratitude jar
  1.     Find some decorations

The next thing is to get some inspiration for decoration. I used Pinterest to scroll on DIY gratitude jar projects and then went to the store with lots of cheap stuff (Tedy) and bought some things like lace ribbon, stickers, and clips – green leaves, which you can see in the picture below.

making a gratitude jar
  1. Paper slips

After you decorate your jar, it is time to prepare some paper slips. It is easier if you have paper slips prepared in advance because if you would have to cut them every time you would like to write something down, it is time-consuming. Some people just cut the paper into slips and put them next to the gratitude jar. It’s nothing wrong with it. However, if you would prefer to get our beautiful design for the slips for free, click HERE. You have to print and cut, and the beautiful gratitude jar slips are ready for use.


making a gratitude jar

You see, it’s just three simple steps. But the main point of having a gratitude jar is to use it. Put it somewhere, where anybody can notice it. Encourage family members to participate. In this way, it will be more likely to practice it daily. When a gratitude jar is full of your grateful vibes, you can get a notebook and stick the slips inside. That’s how you get a lovely memory book from all the blessings.

making a gratitude jar

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