This is a story of our gratitude bracelet. Simple, yet elegant. Made to wear it everyday, made to connect you with the feeling of gratitude and help you get into the vibe of this amazing high frequency of gratefulness. 

There is no doubt that our world is more chaotic than ever. The number of stressful situations to which we are exposed are rising every day. Our busy schedules makes us forget to appreciate the little moments in life, we are rushing to get things done, deadlines everywhere… 

Gratitude Mania bracelet was created to support to on your way to more mindful and grateful attitude. Let me share with you the science behind, and how to connect with yours.

How an ordinary bracelet turns into your new best friend, when it comes to cultivating gratitude?

The answer is …

Anchoring: NLP Technique

simple and quick steps to anchor your bracelet to gratitude:

Determine you want to feel grateful. Say, out loud or in your head: I want to feel grateful, calm.

Remember a time when you felt really grateful. It can be any memory when you were feeling grateful, under any circumstances. You do have one! Relax and let a memory come to mind in which you naturally felt grateful.

Touch your Gratitude Mania bracelet. 

Remember what you saw, heard and felt in your memory, feeling grateful and calm. You must put yourself inside the memory as if reliving it. Don’t view the memory from a distance; the feelings won’t come back. You’ve got to ‘be there’ again.

Relive the memory until you begin to feel the gratitude coming over you in the same way you felt it at the time. As you feel that gratitude coming on, activate your anchoring device from step #3.

Touch your Gratitude Mania bracelet as the grateful feeling increases. Release your touch when the feeling begins to subside. If you’ve done this well, there’s no underlying reason you shouldn’t feel truly grateful.

Test the anchor by touching your bracelet in exactly the same way again and find out if you naturally access that grateful state. Of course, don’t be skeptical and resist the anchor. Allow it to happen.

If it worked, you now have an NLP anchor and your new best friend when it comes to cultivating gratitude during busy days. 




Let gratitude overflows your life!

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